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Artfundi Software was developed in 2011 as a bespoke, proprietary gallery system. It was then further developed to meet the range of real-life artworld needs, from small to more complex galleries and collections, which need to operate at world-class levels, share business best-practice, align multiple teams in separate geographic locations, and store information and history in one place.

It is supported by a passionate team based in three cities on two continents, determined to help our clients from all over the world succeed on a global stage.



About us

Our Name

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fʊndi /

noun: fundi

an expert or guru in a particular area.

an enthusiast for a subject or activity.

Origin: from the Bantu family of African languages meaning "a learned person"


We believe in real-life artworld expertise fuelled by passion and life-long learning.

Our Name

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We're a tech-enabled company born in Cape Town, South Africa, with a growing, global network of expert team members, collaborators and advisors.

We'd love to be of service to you.

And we'd be delighted to hear from you if you're interested in representing Artfundi in your geography.