An Introduction to Artfundi Software

ArtFundi Software is designed to make your life easier, get you organised quickly, and have you looking professional at the push of a button. Input information once, and the rest is click-instant. Everything you need to create is ready for you, perfectly formatted, every time, just select, press go, and use. 

The Artfundi system offers a seamless back and front-end combination of database and showcase (which can be either a public website, or private intra-net site, which you give access to your staff and guests)

It becomes your all-in-one repository of your business or collection history; it offers multiple levels of links that elevate research; and optimises SEO functionality. 

Unlike other systems on the market, which are one giant system with multiple client portals (a little like everyone having their own room in the same house), Artfundi offers each client a self-standing system, which means higher security, better stability, and flexibility that allows advanced customisations to suit specific client needs.

Please download our brochure for more detailed information on the various features and benefits we offer.

  Intro to Artfundi