Cultural Times

The first global map of cultural and creative industries. Survey published by EY

03 Dec 2015

The study analyses 11 Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) sectors: advertising, architecture, books, gaming, movies, music, newspapers/magazines, performing arts, radio, television and visual arts.

Cultural and Creative Industries at a Glance:

Asia-Pacific: 34 % of global CCI Revenues. 40 % of jobs with the largest consumer base and a fast rising middleclass. Leader in Gaming. Growing fast in Movies and Books.

Europe: 32 % of global CCI Revenues. 25 % of jobs cultural economy is rooted in history, underpinned by strong public support, a highly educated population and a strong concentration of creators.

North America: 28 % of global CCI Revenues. 15 % of jobs. Strong international influence and leader Movies, TV, and Performing Arts.

Latin America: 6% of global CCI Revenues. 16% of jobs TV is King. Latin American TV shows travel worldwide, as well as music and dance.

Africa and Middle East: 3 % of global CCI Revenues. 8 % of jobs. Opportunities in Film production. TV, and Music. Informal economy for example unofficial music performances is a significant part of the cultural scene, and a reservoir of jobs.

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